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Monday, November 15, 2010


So  a few days ago at  school we were having the usualy crazieness at the lunch table. They had dollar hot cheetos, and I mean flaming hot. I had to chug my 5-ounce juice. And I only had two.
So anyways, my friend Issac is staring at them like, do you seriously want me to eat all of those?
Serena told him to be a man. Grow up. OR ELSE! He was a little baby boy.
So, um, yeah. He stuffed like ten in his mouth and then was like, 'OH NO ME NO LIKE THIS!" Because he's Japanese. He started freaking out because he didn't have any drink left. And he decided that my apple was a good cause, so I give him two chunks. The second chunk... well... he ate it like it was his favorite food!  And I'm actually typing lol so yeah. And anyways two minuites later he was freezing and so I handed him my jacket and HE LOOKED LIKE HE HAD BOOBS lol! 
So, yeah. We got in trouble.

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