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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amber, Mary, Alia and I

You've probably heard of us. We're Saviors of The Spiral, The Pie Loving Necromancer, The Wizard101 Addict, and The Diary of a Life Wizard. Right now, you're talking to Donna. We decided to make a blog together. It's about Wizard101, real life, advice, (there will be a column) our writings, and anything else we can conjure up. You may be wondering about the title. I came up with it, it's like a Science formula. (i.e. H2O, CO2) It stands for Necromancer, (Mary) Pyromancer, (Amber) and 2 Theurgists. (Alia and I) a header will be coming soon, Amber's working on it as we speak. More stuff'll be coming later, so stay updated!

Cya from Amber, Mary, Alia, and Donna!

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